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Simple, Safe & Secure Fencing Solution

Vinyl Top FenceElectroBraid™ is an easily installed, permanent electric fencing system designed to provide a safe and secure livestock fence. It is strong and durable and a fraction of the cost of other electric fencing systems. This safe electric farm fencing can stand alone as a permanent perimeter fence, or moved around for rotational grazing, and can be used as a portable or temporary fence for horses, sheep, cattle and other livestock. It is also a very cost-effective fence to exclude deer, moose, elk, caribou, bear, coyote and other animals from crops, airfields and highways.

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ElectroBraid Excels in All Climates.

Whether your in the Bitter Cold of Alaska ( or Canada ) or the Blistering Hot Summer Sun of Southern Florida your ElectroBraid will Look Great and Stay Properly Tensioned All Year Round.

Electrobraid Ice
Picture above: Electro Braid at work at The Healing Barn after an Ice Storm in Northern Ohio.

Strong – Durable – Corrosion resistant

Using ElectroBraid’s recommended post spacing’s of 50 – 100’ apart will make your New ElectroBraid Fence go up much quicker and be much cheaper than you ever imagined.

The money you save on posts, dramatically reduce your overall fence cost.

Three Braids

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